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Flag 11: Armageddon 1

You are testing a site for a client which is located at​
Start by identifying the name of the Content Management System (CMS) that is used on the site?
The flag is the name of the CMS

Flag 12: Armageddon 2

This particular version of the CMS that is used on the Cynical Sysadmin Blog has a critical known vulnerability!
What is the name of the vulnerability?
Hint: To find the vulnerability, you need to find the version of the CMS. Once you have done that, you need to find the critical vulnerabilities. This vulnerability is in the top 5

Flag 13: Armageddon 3 (BONUS)

Using the provided Proof of Concept script (PoC), can you exploit the vulnerability that you identified in Armageddon 2?
The flag is located in a file at /flag on the server, and you can read it by executing the command cat /flag.

Flag 14: I Want To Join

The server is running a site for the Anti Pineapple on Pizza Society.
Can you sign up for this even though their sign up form has been disabled?

Flag 15: Ping Of Death

Some kid joined my Minecraft server and threatened that they were going to DDoS me using this dodgy website. In the end they just pinged my server, but I am 99% certain you can do a lot more with that website.
Can you find a vulnerability on the dodgy website and exploit it to read the flag at /flag on the server?
You should be able to figure out a way to run the command cat /flag!

Flag 16: Super Quiet Library

You need to be very quiet in the Super Quiet Library and not Inject any noise into the environment!
Can you open bypass the login and view the admin page?