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The project will (officially) run from the beginning of Week 6 until the end of Week 10 which gives you 6 weeks as there is a non-teaching week as well.


The project consists of capture the flag challenges split into 4 areas:
  • Architecture and Networking
  • Cryptography
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Forensics
You will need to register on the project CTFd server with your student email address as you did with the server for the labs:
Each question is worth 10,15 or 20 points depending on the difficulty.
You can run a Docker container or use your laptop to access the challenges
Windows/Apple Intel
Apple Silicon
docker run -it cybernemosyne/cits1003:project
docker run -it cybernemosyne/cits1003:project-x


All of the challenges were written by Alex Brown