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CITS1003 Introduction to Cybersecurity

These labs are intended to provide a practical complement to the CITS1003 Introduction to Cybersecurity course. To enhance the experience, we are going to run the assessment part as a "Capture The Flag" (CTF) event. This involves creating an account on the CTF server here You ned to register using your UWA student email address.
As a result of the exercises you will do, you will be asked to find "flags" which are text and of the form CITS1003{th13_15_@ FL@G} (although some of them are other bits of text). Once you find the flag, you simply enter it in for the appropriate Lab challenge.

Laptop Requirement

This unit requires software that the University IT team can't install on the lab machines and so you will need to use your own laptop. This can be either Windows, Mac or Linux and instructions will be provided for those platforms. If you do not have a laptop, you can request a loan laptop as follows:
Through the Student Success and Wellbeing IT Equipment Scheme we are able to provide two options to students – they can request either a loan or permanent laptop. For students with more than one semester left, I would encourage them to apply for permanent ownership rather than a loan.
Application to the Scheme includes consideration of financial hardship, personal circumstance, wellbeing and family commitments.
  • UWA loan laptops come with standard suite of software installed, but may not be capable of running some specialist software.
  • Laptops available for permanent ownership include base installation of Windows, and may require the student to install drivers from the manufacturer to enable full function. UWA does not provide hardware or software support for permanent ownership. These laptops have been refurbished and are approximately 3 years old, and are provided through an agreement with Renew-IT.
Students can apply for either a loan or permanent laptop through this link:
This link is currently not published online, but I anticipate it being included on the ‘Need Help?’ website for semester 2. Students can also email [email protected] for further assistance or information.
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